At The Connected Companies, we invest in Real Estate because we believe it to be the most efficient and risk-averse way to accumulate wealth. We believe that effectively deploying your capital and nurturing the investment is our core expertise and the main driver to our success.

Why Multifamily?

Multifamily provides stable, risk reduced returns to help investors achieve optimal portfolio diversification, passive income, and the highest risk-adjusted returns. Multifamily properties have remained resilient compared to other property types as well as alternative investments such as equities, bonds, and other alternative asset classes.

Risk-Adjusted Returns by Property Type*









Risk (Standard Deviation)

Annual Return

Why Self Storage?

Compared to other assets within the verticals of real estate, the self-storage sector has traditionally been over sought and viewed as an alternative asset class due to its operation focused approach. That is rapidly changing with globalization and property technology, pushing major storage REITs, including Extra Space, Cube Smart, Public Storage, and Life Storage to consolidating this fragmented asset class. Cap rates continue to compress as capital continues to flood the industry. Self Storage’s outlook remains strong with historically high spreads between cap rates and the 10-year treasury.
Cash Flow
Tax Efficiency

Frequently Asked Questions

The Connected Companies is a Los Angeles based investment firm with an emphasis acquiring and managing Multifamily and suburban Retail real estate. We pride ourselves on our hands-on approach when enhancing real estate values. By managing the deal from acquisition to disposition, we are able to cut unnecessary costs and deliver maximum value for our community stakeholders – investors, residents, businesses.

Connected’s typical investor profile makeup consists of accredited high net-worth individuals seeking passive, risked-adjusted investment returns. We also partner with well capitalized land owners to reposition underutilized parcels within the Greater Los Angeles Vicinity.

Though there is no minimum investment amount, Connected typically seeks no more than 2-3 investors per deal. We firmly believe in building lasting partnerships, and therefore would prefer our partners to remain invested in our assets. Diluting it with additional partners loses the personalized service we aim to provide for our financial partners.

Our deals are typically structured as limited liability companies. For each investment, we enter into a joint venture as the managing member and assume all responsibilities related to the properties’ success. As the manager, we will safeguard the asset and report earnings and major decisions to investors.

Connected’s current deal size ranges between $2 to $10 million. This uniquely positions us above the saturated small investors market, but slightly below the institutional competition. However, we take a holistic approach towards investment underwriting and pursue any deals that yield our investors’ attractive risk-adjusted returns.

Distributions are typically made quarterly from available operating cash flow and are either disbursed via checks or directly deposited into investors’ bank accounts. Size and timing of distributions depend on the business plan and project performance. Investors are notified of upcoming distributions through email and are encouraged to review the updated earnings report.

Our investment horizon varies by opportunity, but a typical business plan assumes a 3-10 year hold period.


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We are headquartered in Los Angeles, California and welcome you to connect with us if you want to learn more about The Connected Companies.
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