Chaplon Mu

Investments, Acquisitions & Development 

Chaplon started his real-estate venture working at Meridian Real Estate. Set with the vision of a community focused full-service real estate firm, Chaplon & partners formed The Connected Companies to modernize and transform his suburban community. With a passion for social development, Chaplon is particularly concerned with building equitable communities. Therefore, he brings to Connected, a vision of fully immersing itself into the communities it has projects in to positively impact the community’s economic and social environments.


Most notable, is the development of the Gladstone Senior Villas, 60-unit mixed income, senior apartment. In this project, Chaplon worked closely with local governmental agencies to bring inclusionary housing for low-income seniors, as well as subsidized (free) lunches for local citizens during the weekends. Through this full immersion strategy, Chaplon was able to achieve the maximum value for not only investors but the local community and its residents as well.


Chaplon’s commitment to social welfare and community development is evident in work and dedication he puts in each project. He seeks to continually build upon the urban landscape, to allow communities to thrive and flourish.


Development, Operations  & Construction Management 

James Mu

James is a senior construction professional with over 10 years of experience in contract negotiation, construction management, and property management. As partner and operations & construction manager at The Connected Companies, James has had extensive experience in both commercial and residential projects; and oversees the company’s day-to-day operations.


James’s full-service approach emphasizes and facilitates cooperation between tenants and landlords, and both public and private stakeholders. To remain cost-efficient, James implemented an import distribution for his building materials in the early 2000s to which he integrated into his construction process. He has accrued extensive experience in import distribution and conducting business in the overseas manufacturing markets of China and Taiwan. Through sharp contract negotiation skills, James brings to Connected the unique advantage of bridging the cultural, social and business knowledge gaps that so many boutique development companies face when conducting business between two countries.  Ultimately, through relationship facilitation and cost-effective measures, James’s projects testify to his ability to complete projects on time and under budget.